Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are we there yet? Part 1

The answer is NO! I feel like we have been in the process of moving for almost three months now. I guess we kinda have been. Allen had SOS training in Alabama and we try to make a little vacation into most of his TDY's that are towards the south to see family and friends so we decided we would go with him to this one. We would only be back in Montana for three week before moving all of our stuff to Dayton Ohio so we decided VERY last minute that we would go ahead and move out of our house and then get BAH while on vacation to help with the cost of traveling. This involved putting half of our stuff in storage in Montana while we took the other half in a trailer to Allen's parents house in Arkansas. It was sorta a mess and we always do our own moves and I try to be very organized so that when people come and help they don't have to kill themselves while helping us. Well, this was not the case. All of our stuff was together but Allen's tools and the basement was not cleaned or packed. I was just overwhelmed and everyone was great about it but I felt horrible that it took so long and it was very hard work getting all the tools and wood upstairs. I can never repay all the people that helped us get out of that house. It's amazing what you can accumulate in four years at one place. We finally got it all together and left on our crazy trip. You would think we were trying to hit every state in the US during this trip but I promise that was not the case. After a LOT of car trouble we made it to St. Louis and dropped the girls off with Allen's parents and after a very loud flight thanks to Isaac we made it to New York, New York to see some of our friends from Oklahoma Christian. Everyone is getting up from their naps so this will have to be continued later. I know you just can't wait! LOL!

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Brittany Leverett said...

Almost a year Later...We're Still waiting to hear the end of this story...ROFL!!! ;o)